Company Overview

Welcome To Milner Digital & Forensic Services

MDFS caters to the technology, security and digital forensics needs of clients large and small. We provide service to major corporations and the individual, private client.

The MDFS team draws on an expanded group of experts as needed, with specialized skills outside the normal realm of computer forensics and technology consulting, such as forensic accountants. We provide expert witness testimony, professional litigation support, and training.

Whether you are looking for digital forensic services, an outside firm to provide complete or supplemental IT support, or oversight and management of your internal staff, MDFS has the staff and skills needed to get the job done right.

Attention to detail and an exceptional level of service to each client is what sets MDFS apart from other service companies. Our list of clients speaks for itself.

MDFS offices are located in Encino, California, We allow generous travel considerations, and many of our cases are from areas quite distant from our central office. FedEx and Southwest Air have made this a very small world, and we currently have cases in many remote areas.

We know that you have a choice, and we appreciate the opportunity to work with you. Regardless of your decision, we wish you well with your issue, and please be assured that you may always call us at (818) 850-0354 with any questions or concerns.

Founder & CEO

Keenen Milner

I have more than 20 years of professional services experience specializing in forensic investigations and litigation technology. I have directed engagements and provided forensic technology guidance in numerous investigations and litigation matters involving information technology as a principle component. I have participated in, managed and led many engagements dealing with the electronic discovery and forensics. I have provided services on these engagements in electronic discovery and productions, computer forensics, large-scale data analysis, and email related inquiries.

My extensive forensic technology experience involves cases in a number of different areas including electronic discovery matters, forensic evidence collection, computer forensics, document productions, media analysis and restoration, and data mining. These matters include a wide-range of cases, including procurement fraud, email fabrication, theft of intellectual property, large-scale data analytics, regulatory investigations, and a variety of employment matters.

I have provided technical services to corporate and legal clients in highly sensitive matters, serving national legal firms and Fortune 100 companies. My experiences in these matters cover numerous industries, including: Financial Services, Healthcare, Consumer Products, Technology, Retail and Manufacturing.

• Computer Forensics
• Electronic Discovery
• Forensic Evidence Collection
• Corporate Investigations
• Employment Matters
• Litigation Support Consulting
• IT Audit
• SAS-70

Our Values


We are often told to pursue our passions in our professional and personal lives. We’ve all heard the saying “Find a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Computers are our passion.


Satisfy our customers with innovative technology and superior quality, value and service.


We deliver quality services of unmatched value, constantly raising the bar on our performance.

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We deliver expertise you can trust.

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